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A new distribution partner management model based on mutual success, commitment and accountability.

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Execute your distribution strategy


The world for financial services providers has changed dramatically over the last decade. Distribution partners are consolidating, omni-channel became the norm, and partner ecosystems are on the rise. To win, you need to think of indirect sales channels as partnerships and develop mutual success plans.

Qollabi’s BRM software helps you determine what partner success looks like, cultivate partner commitment and build accountability as you grow your distribution.

Make smarter choices
Use data to select the right distribution partners.
Benchmark distribution partner performance
Assign the right initiatives to the appropriate partners
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Define what success looks like with measurable OKRs
Make success predictable by defining and sharing what success looks like with partners
Differentiate between leading indicators and lagging indicators of successful indirect sales partnerships
Co-create mutual success plans depending on the partner lifecycle
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Put your partner plans into action
Gain commitment on mutual success plans. Build accountability by collaborating with distribution partners to track progress
Automate follow-up throughout your partner ecosystem

Eliminate silos, gain commitment & improved execution across indirect sales channels


Proactive Leadership
Proactive Leadership
Move from reactive to proactive leadership
Instant Business Insights
Instant Business Insights
Don’t wait for intermediary meetings or quarterly business reviews (QBRs); get instant insights into the status of your mutual success plans
Improve Focus
Improve Focus
Help internal teams and distribution partners stay focused on and understand best practices for distribution success

Account Managers

Save Time
Save Time
Gain time for strategic conversations vs. spending so much time gathering data and making QBR presentations
Get Things Done
Get Things Done
See instant overviews of important tasks so you know what to prioritize and don’t fall behind
Execution Power
Execution Power
Create partner commitment and accountability to execute on indirect sales strategies

Distribution Partners

Build trust through collaborative partner planning
Create commitment throughout partner journeys with clear task management and performance tracking
Use data to improve partner decision-making and inspire growth


Gain Efficiency & Effectiveness
Gain Efficiency & Effectiveness
Use data and workflows to make partner collaboration more efficient and effective
Collaborate with distribution partners in shared spaces
Centralized Data
Centralized Data
Pull data together from different tools and get clear insights to improve distribution

Sales & Marketing

Get an overview on all partner initiatives and see what contributes to distribution success
Increase Sales
Increase Sales
Create mutual success plans with OKRs on target accounts
Increase Marketing Activity
Increase Marketing Activity
Develop action items and strategies for joint marketing efforts

Focus on the right partners based on data


Whether you manage 20 distribution partners or hundreds, you want to make sure you allocate the right resources to the right agents, brokers or branches.

The problem with one-size fits all partner management

High-quality partner enablement doesn’t mean managing every partner the same way, considering different OKR plans, preferred working styles, and strategic importance. A successful, committed partnership in business requires unique collaboration and an ongoing understanding of partner plan progress.

Achieving more partner success with less effort

Qollabi’s data-driven partner profiling functionality allows you to build mutual success plan templates based on the partner profile, strategic needs and OKR plans/goals.


Determine what success looks like


Qollabi data analysis shows that partner productivity increases up to 35% for account managers who define what success looks like with their agent or broker vs. those who don’t.

The problem with mutual success plans in spreadsheets and project management tools

Using spreadsheets to identify all the leading indicators and necessary tasks for joint business plan success has its limitations. Data is not synchronized and becomes siloed; there’s limited automation when you collaborate with partners; and the lack of data aggregation across distribution partners makes using templates a manual, confusing process.

Do what matters most, and do it right 

Build mutual success plan templates in Qollabi that you can collaborate with partners on. As you learn what works well and what doesn’t, you can scale mutual success planning, while still having the flexibility to adjust and update plans based on unique OKRs and other factors.


Connect the most important data points


Distribution partner data is often siloed, such as among customer relationship management (CRM) software, business intelligence (BI) platforms, and agent portals.

How can you connect the dots? Use BRM software.

The problem with CRM, BI, PRM and other tools

These types of tools, even prominent ones like Salesforce or Microsoft BI, generally involve analyzing end results, i.e., lagging indicators, rather than leading indicators. That’s like looking at your finish time in a race and trying to improve based on that alone, instead of also looking at what led to that result, like your training plan.

Predicting partner success

Qollabi’s BRM software connects the dots between achieving your end results (lagging indicators) and the status of the KPIs and activities like mutual success planning (leading indicators) needed to achieve the end result.

connected data

Collaborate internally with your team and externally with your partners


Communication is key to partner success, but without business relationship management capabilities, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s happening throughout your partner ecosystem.

The problem with email, spreadsheets, Slack,, and other tools

Project management tools are great for internal collaboration, but they’re generally not ideal for external collaboration with partners, especially when it comes to complex indirect sales channel agreements or technical partnerships. Assigning tasks to your partners and sending/receiving status updates usually happens over email or in separate tools, making it hard to keep track of progress.

Increased commitment from all stakeholders

Qollabi’s shared spaces keep everyone literally on the same page in terms of tracking priority items and understanding where joint business plans need extra attention.

Get notified about important tasks and milestones


You can have a great strategy and OKR plan, but in the end, it all comes down to execution. This means making sure the right things are done in the right way, and on time.

The problem with task management and project management tools

It’s already hard to keep track of all the tasks you and your team members need to complete, let alone all the tasks you agreed on with your distribution partners. Task management and project management tools tend to work better for internal to-dos, rather than keeping you in the loop on mutual success plans.

Stress less while gaining accountability

Qollabi’s BRM software makes managing your partner ecosystem less stressful by keeping everyone up-to-date. Your partners and team members will get reminders about important tasks and milestones so they stay on target, and partnership managers will get notifications about task progress and OKR plan achievements.


Get an instant overview on all Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)


If you want successful, committed partnerships, your business needs to measure if you’re meeting mutually agreed upon goals.

The problem with other analytics tools 

Managing your partner ecosystem is a niche area that most analytics platforms aren’t designed for. You want software that specializes in business relationship management.

Build successful distribution partnerships

Get on the same page as your distribution partners and maintain momentum by sharing OKR plan progress. If you need to course correct, having clear data to share makes that easier.


Qollabi’s integration engine provides access to more than 500+ predefined integrations with no-code automation

Our BRM software plays well with CRMs, BI platforms, PRMs, and much more

Case study

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dela customer
Mathieu Van Buyten
Distribution Transformation Manager - Dela

“The easy-to-use and intuitive Qollabi tool enables our account managers to break down our global sales strategy and translate it to their own region.”

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