Qollabi’s integration engine provides access to more than 500+ predefined integrations with no-code automation

Our BRM software plays well with CRMs, BI platforms, PRMs, and much more

Business Relationship Management (BRM) makes indirect sales predictable with mutual success planning

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Data repository
Intended for opportunity and contact management 
Good at predicting direct sales success
Not made for partner planning and external collaboration
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PRM & Portals

Document & Deal repository
Made for document sharing and deal registration
Good at centralizing documents and deals
Not made for mutual success planning, i.e., developing and tracking joint action plans
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External collaboration
Built for mutual success planning
Good at predicting indirect sales success
Integrates with CRM/BI, PRM/Portals, and Project Management tools for full visibility
Not made for managing end-customer data and deal registrations
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Project Management

Internal collaboration
Designed for defining tasks and deadlines
Good at keeping internal teams accountable
Not made for partner planning and tracking partner lifecycle performance

A single source of truth for your partner collaboration

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Qollabi provides access to more than 500 predefined integrations with no-code automation.

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Business rules

Qollabi offers the possibility to configure business rules to automate data calculations.

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Enterprise Ready

Qollabi is a SaaS platform that utilizes AWS’s cloud solutions. The application is designed using a multi-tier architecture. Plus, each of our clients benefits from having their own database, which enables excellent segregation of data.

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Salesforce packages

Qollabi offers different Salesforce integration packages ranging from a Qollabi Salesforce package, to Salesforce integrations to a standalone solution with data uploads from SFDC.

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