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Multi-partner collaborations don’t have to be chaotic.

Qollabi’s Partner Collaboration Platform gives you the space to collaborate on strategy, create predictable workflows, and track implementation.
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The Partner Operating Model

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Building tri-party collaborations with systems integrators and hyper scalers is hectic.

There’s no unified message, value proposition, or target market for what you’re offering.
It’s unclear what steps each your teams should take in a marketing and sales process.
The solutions are too complex to rely on your existing partner enablement tools.
"At DataCore, the way we were building business plans with our channel partners wasn’t up to standards. Executing partner strategy over different regions requires a uniform, although flexible, approach. At first, the management of these strategic initiatives and programs was supported by static, disconnected spreadsheets. This resulted in a lack of overview in partner performance, a lack of control in allocated quota, and an uncontrolled back-end rebate. Qollabi streamlined our partner planning operations and install a proactive collaboration between our partners and the partner teams based on mutual success plans. Connected with our current data sources."
Amanda Bedborough